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This is a game made within a month in November 2020 for the Game-Off 2020 Game Jam.

(We should mention that this is our first game, making games is so much fun!)

Escape - Pause

M - Mute

You were sent to the Moon and were assigned to be in charge of the latest space project: 

The International Moon Base, funded by the International Space association, Root 67.

You were also secretly employed by a giant science/technology company Ong, which secretly demanded the player to construct a hidden secondary moon base, and its final attempt is to steal the moon for unknown reason.

The core gameplay of this game consists the following:

  • Facilities Management: There are 6 facilities on each side, all facilities are upgradable. Max level at level 3 for all facilities. The end goal of the game is to achieve level 3 for facility No.6 of either side of power. The player gets to choose which side he/her would desire to help.
  • Resource Management: There are 4 types of resources in the game. Each term the facilities will earn/cost some resources. Player needs to maintain his/her resource level above 0 while also have enough to upgrade the goal facility.
  • Time Management: Player needs to achieve the end goal for one side within a certain number of turns (18).
  • Trust Management: There is also trust specifically for the Government side. The player needs to keep this value above 0. The current level of trust can effect the earning (or other things) in the game.
  • Random Events: There are pools for random events in this game. Every few terms a random event will appear, asking the player to make a choice. These choices will resolve in resource changes, trust changes or possibly some other effects.

Hope you enjoy this game and please let us know what you feel!

Github Repository (will be public after Game Jam)


  • Graphical Effects: Toothless Frostiana
  • Graphical Effects: Rhoda Du (@rhoda4ever)
  • Game Development: Jazor He (@jazorhe)
  • Music Production: Adam Chen
  • Special Thanks To: Olivia Deng


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Ver 1.0.9 Moon Heist (Windows).zip 36 MB
Ver 1.0.8 Moon Heist (Windows).zip 36 MB
Ver 1.0.8 Moon Heist (HTML).zip 33 MB
Ver 1.0.7 Moon Heist (Windows).zip 36 MB
Ver 1.0.7 Moon Heist (HTML).zip 33 MB

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